Health Services

Join Adonis School Based Health Services and contribute to a good course

In meeting our objective of promoting good health, Adonis Quality Life Initiative formed a Health Club. The club enables volunteer medical professionals, nurses, and students can take part in our programs. We believe that everyone can play a role in enhancing quality health care among vulnerable communities.

Healthcare programs or medical missions

Healthcare services are crucial to everyone. However, due to accessibility challenges, many people do not enjoy this universal right. As a charitable organization, we rise up to fill this space. Our health club will roll out healthcare programs and medical missions targeting vulnerable communities.

Together with healthcare professionals, people with medical backgrounds, and those who are willing to facilitate our programs, Adonis Quality Life Initiative will provide healthcare services and deliver medical supplies to areas where services are difficult to access – especially in rural areas.

Our volunteers will provide series of healthcare services which include

Free check-ups

We will set up tents in the hard-to-reach areas in Nigeria rural areas and invite the community for free check-ups. Our health club members will perform different check-ups and diagnostic processes to assess any ailments in the community. The free check-up camps will be regular, depending on the availability of club members and other volunteers.

With the support of well-wishers like you and other partners, we can settle the street children and homeless people. Through your donations, we will reduce the number of homeless people and street children in Nigeria and beyond.


Many people in difficult-to-access areas are dying due to treatable conditions. The lack of nearby health facilities and medications is life-threatening for this community. Our club will be offering free consultation services in these areas to ensure no one will lose their life due to a lack of proper medication.

Our team of healthcare volunteers will always dedicate their time and skills to attend to the ill members of society. If you are a healthcare professional, you can be part of our team offering consultation services.

Minor medical procedures.

Sometimes, vulnerable people struggle with a medical condition that requires a minor medical procedure. For instance, benign skin lesions and cuts. Lack of immediate treatment can enhance the issue and result in death in some cases. Our health club focuses on saving lives.

During our health missions, we conduct minor medical procedures among patients in need. This aspect has been a powerful way of improving their lives and restoring their active participation in society.

If you have a passion for the medical field or have healthcare professional qualifications, we invite you to join our health club and be part of our subsequent medical missions and programs.

Health Services

Adonis Health Services (in-school)

At Adonis Quality Life Initiative, we believe that everyone has a role in promoting good healthcare in the community. Children and teenagers are also part of the community and can utilize their energy to help promote healthy living. In this essence, we established a health club for schools.

Adonis Health Club is a club for students between 13-18 years. The club meets twice a month to exchange and discuss health-related ideas, plan activities and projects, and socialize. Our club gives young people an opportunity to make a real difference while having fun.

Every Adonis Health club has a set of service projects aimed at helping their school and community. We provide the club members with essential healthcare information that they can share and relay to their society.

Also, the health clubs help young people to improve their health knowledge. This way, they are playing a crucial part in achieving our health promotion objective.

Why join the Adonis Health Club?

At Adonis Quality Life Initiative, we believe in team spirit. Your contribution and my roles will always have a positive impact and benefit everyone. The same spirit goes on to our health clubs. Whether you are a healthcare professional or student, you need to consider joining Adonis Health Club.

Here is why:

Connecting with community leaders

Get an opportunity to work and connect with community leaders. Working with these leaders will help you learn more about the community. Also, it will be an opportunity to find a new home through acceptance. Since community leaders are the gateway to a society, you will get a sense of acceptance and belongingness.

Our Strategies

Enhance your leadership skills while engaging in a worthwhile activity. The Adonis health clubs are an excellent way to develop your leadership skills. Through your participation in our medical programs and missions, you will learn how to lead change and solve social problems.

The club offers you a chance to participate in various community activities and healthcare forums. Through this, you will become a community trailblazer on matters of health.

Making international connections

Our health clubs open you to international connections. At Adonis, we receive volunteers from different parts of the world. These volunteers meet to pursue a common agenda of promoting quality healthcare. However, this is not all.

Apart from pursuing the intended missions, our volunteers and club members get a chance to interact with one another. This connection does not end with the healthcare mission or program. The members continue with their international connection and networking beyond the mission. So, joining the Adonis health club will help you establish global networks.

Discovering scholarship opportunities.

Are you seeking to advance your education but lack a way to fund it? One way to support your education is through securing scholarships. When you become a member of the Adonis health club, you will discover many scholarship opportunities.

Our partners share information on available scholarships and education funding opportunities. We share the same information with our club members and support them in securing the scholarships. Do not miss out on such opportunities. All you need is to become one of the Adonis health club members

Join Adonis Health Club

Through your participation in our healthcare programs and missions, we can save a life in informal settlements and hard to access rural areas. Your participation in the health club and donating your skills and time will help promote healthcare literacy and contribute to making the world a better place.